The Sustainability Agenda

The Sustainability Agenda explores today’s biggest sustainability questions with leading sustainability thinkers.

These experts discuss their views on the biggest sustainability challenges, share the latest thinking, identify what’s working –and what needs to change — and think about the future of sustainability.

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Episode 107: Interview with Joel Bakan, author, filmmaker and Law Professor

In this episode, we meet with Joel Bakan to discuss the interesting role corporations play in solving – or inhibiting – sustainability. Many corporations claim to be walking the walk when it comes to sustainability, but are the win-win sustainability effo

Episode 106: Interview with Danny Dorling, social geographer and Professor of Geography

In this episode we talk with Danny Dorling, social geographer and Professor of Geography, about his views on many topics, much of which relates to large changes we see in society, and what things are slowing down.

Episode 105: Interview with Roman Krznaric, public philosopher, author of The Good Ancestor

In this episode, we talk with Roman Krznaric about the necessity of overcoming our society’s short-termism and discounting of future generations. Roman argues we need to see beyond the immediacy of the pandemic that we’re in and recognize the challenges a

Episode 104: An interview with Professor Kari Norgaard

In this episode, we dive into understanding denialism and justice dimensions that are gaining visibility with Professor Kari Norgaard. She talks about how we collectively experience and shape things as a society, and how denialism pertains to the various

Episode 103: Interview with Dr. Frances Fox Piven, social scientist, activist and professor

Professor Frances Fox Piven talks about this unique moment in United States history and the complexities of collective action and protest.

Episode 102: Interview with Rob Nixon, Professor in the Humanities and the Environment

In this episode we dive into a discussion with Rob Nixon on climate change denialism, the difficulty of understanding and drawing attention to “slow violence,” and in particular, the power of social media and using story and image to to translate scientif

Episode 101: Interview with Eric Holthaus, meteorologist, writer and ecosocialist

In this episode, we talk with Eric Holthaus about his outlook for the future with climate change. Although our circumstances are certainly dire and much damage has already been done, Eric maintains hope…

Episode 100: Interview with Anne Poelina, Indigenous Australian and Nyikina Traditional Custodian

In this, the 100th episode of the Sustainability Agenda, we speak to Dr. Anne Poelina an indigenous Australian academic and human and earth rights activist. Dr. Poelina explains her role as a “Yimardoowarra marnin,” which, translated from the Nyikina lang

Episode 99: Interview with Rebecca Henderson, Economist and University Professor

In this episode we meet with Dr. Rebecca Henderson to discuss her ideas on how to reimagine capitalism, ideas at the heart of the new book, Reimagining Capitalism in a World in Fire. This is a wide-ranging spirited discussion, assessing the state of the c