The Sustainability Agenda

The Sustainability Agenda explores today’s biggest sustainability questions with leading sustainability thinkers.

These experts discuss their views on the biggest sustainability challenges, share the latest thinking, identify what’s working –and what needs to change — and think about the future of sustainability.

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Episode 98: Interview with author Rutger Bregman, author of Humankind

In today’s episode we talk with Rutger Bregman about the ideas underlying his thought-provoking new book, Humankind. Rutger Bregman is a historian and author. He has published five books on history, philosophy, and economics. His books Humankind (2020) an

Episode 97: Interview with Jeremy Lent, author of The Patterning Instinct

In this episode, we meet for the second time with Jeremy Lent and discuss the present time with COVID-19. Jeremy identifies how this disruption in our normal lives is a critical time to recognize and begin implementing solutions for some of the deep struc

Episode 96: Interview with Geoff Mann Director of the Centre for Global Political Economy, Simon Fraser University

Geoff is Director of the Centre for Global Political Economy, Simon Fraser University in Canada- his teaching and research concern the politics and political economy of capitalism. Geoff the author of several books most recently Climate Leviathan: A Polit

Episode 95: An interview with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, atmospheric scientist

In this episode, we meet with Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist who focuses on projecting and communicating tangible, local effects of climate change to increase people’s willingness to act now. Dealing with time lags, is one of our biggest c

Episode 94: Interview with Will Steffen, climate scientist

In today’s episode, we discuss Earth System science and tipping points with Will Steffen. We often hear about tipping points in relation to climate change–the dangers of arctic ice melt, sea level rise and the 2-2.5 degrees C temperature threshold beyond

Episode 93: Interview with Eva Gladek, CEO of Metabolic and circular economy leader

In this episode we speak with Eva Gladek, founder and CEO of Metabolic, and a leader in the space of circular economies. She talks about the importance of resilience especially in times of crisis as we’re experiencing now with COVID-19. Eva talks about th

Episode 92: Interview with Medha Patkar, social activist

In this interview, we talk with renowned Indian social activist Medha Patkar. She speaks about many of the social and environmental issues facing India for which she has been a leader and champion in fighting injustice with peaceful protests and marches.

Episode 91: Interview with Professor Ioannis Ioannou, leading sustainability researcher at London Business School

In today’s episode, we speak with Professor Ioannis Ioannou on business sustainability four years after his first interview for this podcast. Professor Ioannou gives an overview of the progress that has been made over this time. He argues that sustainabil

Episode 90: Interview with John Dennis Liu, filmmaker and ecologist

In today’s episode we speak with John Dennis Liu on the large-scale disruption of ecosystems caused by human activity and the approach we must take to ecological restoration. Everyone likes to focus on CO2, but that’s just one greenhouse gas indicator of