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Episode 127: Innovation Forum Founder Toby Webb on building resilient smallholder supply chains and sustainability trends within the food industry

In this deep dive on sustainability within the food industry, Toby identifies key trends –resilience, disclosure and consumer awareness...

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Episode 126: Nigel Topping, the UK’s High-Level Climate Action Champion, on COP26

A fascinating interview with Nigel Topping, the UK's High-Level Climate Action Champion on the prospects and expectations for the...

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Episode 125: Interview with Jeremy Lent on finding our place in the universe by integrating science and traditional wisdom

Jeremy Lent discusses his fascinating new book Web of Meaning which combines findings in cognitive science, systems theory and...

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Episode 124: Interview with Professor Daniela Gabor on funding the transition to a low carbon economy

In this fascinating interview, Daniela discusses the eye-opening sums of money needed to achieve a transition to a low...

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Episode 123: interview with economic anthropologist Dr Jason Hickel about his most recent book Less is more: How Degrowth will save the world

Thought provoking interview with economic anthropologist Dr Jason Hickel about his most recent book Less is more: How Degrowth...

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Episode 122: Interview with Professor Wendy Brown, author In the Ruins of Neoliberalism: The Rise of AntiDemocratic politics in the West.

In this interview, Professor Wendy Brown discusses the recent history of neoliberalism, how this logic is everpresent in our...

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Episode 121: Interview with Kevin Starr, the founder of the Mulago Foundation–which funds high-impact organizations working on alleviating poverty

Episode 120: Interview with Joanna Pocock, author of Surrender, exploring the changing landscape and cultures of the American West

A compelling, moving, and eye-opening exploration of the outsider eco-cultures blossoming in the new American West in an era...

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