Episode 12: Tessa Tennant | The future of green finance

After several false starts, many experts now believe that the green finance sector is at a tipping point. Investors are paying attention to ESG factors as never before, there is an explosion of investor interest in green bonds, and195 countries adopted the first-ever universal, fully ratified global climate deal in Paris in 2015. In this podcast, eco-finance pioneer Tessa Tennant gives her view on recent developments in green finance, explores the implications of the Paris Agreement, and talks about her latest initiative NDCi.global –which aims to connect professionals around the world working to finance and implement the national climate commitments (NDCs) underlying the recently ratified Paris Agreement. Finally in an update to the original podcast, Tessa gives her feedback on COP22 and looks at a possible future where the US government is less committed to taking action on climate change.

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