Episode 2: interview with Jordan Kassalow, the founder of VisionSpring, and co-founder EYElliance

In this episode we explore a number of key questions at the heart of systems change: What is the motivation behind systems change? What are the differences and relationships between systems change and a direct service approach?

Jordan Kassalow is the founder of VisionSpring, an organisation that works to provide affordable access to eyewear, everywhere, and eliminate poor vision, due to the lack of eyeglasses– the largest disability in the world. VisionSpring’s initial focus was on distributing ready-made, non-prescription reading glasses via a network of Vision Entrepreneurs… an on-the-ground sales team, later evolving a broader approach using sales through distribution partners, and an emerging “full service” model, providing affordable, high-quality prescription glasses By Autumn 2019, VisionSpring had reached 7 million people with eyeglasses and generated over $1.2 billion of economic impact for its customers. Notwithstanding VisionSpring’s success, Jordan has been looking for ways to increase the scale of impact on this problem, for a more systems-based approach, and in 2016, he co-founded EYElliance, a system change, multi-sector alliance of over 60 organizations working together to eliminate poor vision due to the lack of eyeglasses. 

For more information, please find the link to a detailed case study on VisionSpring https://bit.ly/2Xh9uf2