Episode 22: Interview with Garvin Jabusch, Chief Investment Officer of Green Alpha Advisors

Garvin is the Chief Investment Officer of Green Alpha Advisors, an asset management firm that aims to use science-driven, fundamentals-based research to invest in companies whose innovative products and services will enable the transition toward a sustainable economy (the Next Economy).Prior to co-founding Green Alpha Advisors in 2007, Garvin worked at Forward Management, LLC where he managed the Sierra Club Stock Fund and the Sierra Club Equity Income Fund. Before Forward Management, Garvin served as Vice President of Strategic Services at Morgan Stanley Garvin studied in the Ph.D. program in physical anthropology and archaeology for five years at the University of Utah.In this interview, Garvin discusses the importance –and attraction — of investing in new areas of the economy that will drive a new sustainable economy. (Green Alpha is focussed on five broad industries within what the firm terms “The Next Economy” including renewable energy, recycling, and resources management.) Garvin contrasts this with the more traditional broad-based investment approach focussing on companies in today’s economy that have in effect given rise to all of these big risks the world is facing. Their strategies seek competitive returns from the growth of these investments as Next Economy firms gain market share from their legacy economy predecessors.