Episode 5 Interview with Min Pease, leader of Echoing Green’s impact investing program

Building on the interview with Echoing Green President Cheryl Dorsey in episode 4 of Financing Social Entrepreneurs, this episode focuses on Echoing Green’s new impact investment programme. Min Pease leads the impact investing program at Echoing Green where she supports Echoing Green Fellows seeking or receiving impact investment. In large part, this involves getting social entrepreneurs investment ready, and helping them to find investors that have an aligned understanding of their mission. Min also works to engage investors in the Echoing Green community. In this podcast, Min talks about Echoing Green’s highly competitive Fellowship programme–and talks in detail about Echoing Green’s new impact investment programme, highlighting Echoing Green’s efforts to help social entrepreneurs become “investment ready,” and to make sure their voices are heard within the investment process. Min provides advice for social entrepreneurs looking for funding and also talks about the important work Echoing Green does to help angel investors understand the needs of social entrepreneurs and innovators.