Episode 9: Christie George, director of New media ventures: funding new media & technologies supporting progressive change

Christie is director of New media ventures –the first seed fund and national network of angel investors supporting media and tech startups that disrupt politics and catalyze progressive change in the US. She has overseen investment into a growing portfolio of more than 40 non-profits and for-profits, including NationalField, Sum of Us, and Upworthy. Christie is passionate about fostering an independent, vibrant, and diverse media sector–at this time of huge change in progressive politics and media in the United States.In this interview, Christie provides fascinating insights into a new and growing area of political and media impact investing, which has had a huge wave of interest following the US elections. She talks about the kinds of companies that New Media Ventures are looking to support- and the different ways in which they support them. Talking through the experience of leading media sites like Upworthy, Christie discusses the evolution of progressive new media business models, identifies some of distinct risks these businesses face, and talks about evolving investor expectations.