Episode 98: Interview with Jordan Kassalow and Jennifer Krause on their inspiring new book, Dare to Matter: Your Path to Making a Difference Now

In this interview, social entrepreneur Jordan Kassalow, and rabbi and author, Jennifer Krausediscuss Dare to Matter, their inspiring new bookwhich brings together Jordan’s experience as a successful social entrepreneur and Jennifer’s deep insights into inherited Jewish traditions. They set the context clearly from the outset—an economic model that does not work for many, and intense and growing societal pressure on young people and people in the workplace. Against this background, a growing number of individuals are yearning to find a deep meaning in life beyond the material –Jordan cites recent research on the limited impact that material wealth has on happiness, beyond a certain level. Both Jordan and Jennifer are passionate about the potential for every individual to make a difference in the world—and they share their thoughts on how to integrate what you do to earn a paycheck with your desire to build a better world. While recognising that not everyone will live a life like Mother Theresa, Jennifer believes “there is something in the world that calls on, that needs each and every one of us” –and they highlight the central importance of “Discover the Need that Needs you Most.” This is hugely inspiring interview that will help those that want to make a difference in the world live a life with purpose by using their unique gifts.

Jordan Kassalow is the founder of VisionSpring, a successful social entreprise that works to ensure affordable access to eyewear, everywhere, as well as co-founding EYElliance, a multi-stakeholder coalition driving global strategy to increase access to eyeglasses at scale. Jordan also launched the Global Health Policy Program at the Council on Foreign Relations. Previously, Jordan served as director of the River Blindness Division at Helen Keller International.  He is a fellow at Draper Richards Kaplan, Skoll, Ashoka, and the Aspen Institute. Jennifer Krause is a rabbi and author who weaves together an innovative mix of sacred text, contemporary experience, and popular culture in her work. She is the author of The Answer: Making Sense of Life, One Question at a Time and her writing and commentary have been featured in Newsweek, The New York Times, and, Time.com