The Drawdown Agenda

The Drawdown Agenda explores an inspiring vision for how we can reverse global warming by achieving “drawdown” – when atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations peak and begin to decline.

The Drawdown Agenda is an exciting new podcast series. We speak to key members of the Project Drawdown team, a broad coalition of researchers, scientists, policy makers, business leaders and activists who have mapped, measured, and modelled the 100 most important climate solutions that can help us reach “drawdown.” We explore the key carbon-reduction solutions across the seven sectors at the heart of Drawdown— energy, food, women and girls, transport, materials, building and cities, and land use- as well as emerging solutions. We discuss how these solutions work in practice, explore the momentum for change, and look to the future as we learn how we can take collective action to achieve “drawdown.”

The Drawdown Agenda is a collaboration between The Sustainability Agenda and Project Drawdown.

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Episode 14: Towards Drawdown 2.0 with Dr Jonathan Foley

Two years on from the book’s publication, the Drawdown team have got their sights on how they can turn their groundbreaking research into action. In this interview, we talk to Drawdown Executive Director Dr. Jonathan Foley to reflect on the research’s imp

Episode 13: Drawdown: What Happened & What’s Next with Chad Frischmann

With action groups forming from the United States to Cameroon, the success of Drawdown in galvanizing climate action is something that took even the Drawdown team by surprise. In this episode, we take a step back from the sector-by-sector analysis and tal

Episode 12: Buildings & Cities with David Mead

In 2008, a major landmark was passed as for the first time in history the majority of humanity lived in urban areas. Rapid urbanisation is a major story of the twenty-first century so that by some estimates two thirds of humanity will live in urban areas

Episode 11: Behaviour change with Brett Jenks of Rare

When we think about the magnitude of global emissions and the scale of the decarbonisation challenge, it is easy to feel that our individual actions are inconsequential. In this special episode of the Drawdown Agenda, we talk to the President and CEO of t

Episode 10: Finance with Kevin Bayuk

One of the special things about Drawdown’s ranked solutions is that they are practically and financially viable. In this interview with Drawdown Senior Fellow in finance modelling Kevin Bayuk we get into the nuts and bolts of the financial modelling under

Episode 9: Materials with David Allaway

Often overlooked in climate agreements, materials are an untapped resource when it comes to reducing emissions. In this rich and varied interview we are joined by Drawdown Advisor David Allaway to look at how we can better use materials through reducing r

Episode 8: Marine Permaculture with Brian Von Herzen

With over half of CO2 recaptured from the atmosphere going into the world’s oceans, they are by far the world’s largest carbon sink. Regenerating the oceans both for the benefit of the climate and the millions of people who rely on them for their liveliho

Episode 7: Land Use with Cyril Kormos and Mamta Mehra

In this episode, we are joined by Drawdown Advisor Cyril Kormos and Senior Fellow Mamta Mehra to look at Land Use, a vitally important sector that has been often overlooked in international climate agreements. One of the biggest revelations to come from D

Episode 6: Transport with Ryan Allard

In this fascinating interview, we are joined by Drawdown senior fellow and senior data modeller Ryan Allard for a comprehensive examination of the transport sector. Even though it contributes to 15 percent of anthropogenic emissions, surprisingly, transpo