The Sustainability Agenda

The Sustainability Agenda explores today’s biggest sustainability questions with leading sustainability thinkers.

These experts discuss their views on the biggest sustainability challenges, share the latest thinking, identify what’s working –and what needs to change — and think about the future of sustainability.

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Episode 166. Pascoe Sabido from Corporate Europe Observatory reflects on the outcome of COP27

Pascoe Sabido from Corporate Europe Observatory reflects on the outcome of COP27 — and discusse the way in which fossil fuel lobbyists operate at the COPs and within the EU to stall and block policies to deal with climate change.

Episode 165 Interview with pioneering American political activist, urban theorist and Marxist environmentalist Mike Davis, first aired in January 2022

A wide-ranging and hard-hitting interview with pioneering American writer, activist, and Marxist environmentalist Mike Davis, recorded in January 2022, about the existential environmental and nuclear dangers we are facing –and the prevailing ideology tha

Episode 164 Harjeet Singh, head of Global Political Strategy at Climate Action Network International on his expectations for COP27

In this timely interview on the eve of COP27, Harjeet Singh shares his expectations for this COP and explains why ‘Loss and Damage’ compensation is the centrepiece of COP27 -and what he believes needs to happen over the next five days.

Episode 163: Interview with David Loy, professor, writer, and Zen teacher of Japanese Zen Buddhism

David Loy presents the key ideas in his latest book EcoDharma—which provides a Buddhist response to our ecological predicament – to deal with today’s environmental and other crises. A profound important discussion.

Episode 161 Interview with Indian Marxist historian Vijay Prashad –looking at today’s environmental problems through a Marxist lens.shad

A wide-ranging, hard hitting discussion with Vijay Prashad exploring the environmental crises we are facing today through a Marxist lens-with a particular focus on the importance of the “common but differentiated responsibilities” contained in Principle 7

Episode 160 Author Ned Beauman talks about his satirical extinction novel, Venemous Lumpsucker

Fascinating, broad ranging discussion on extinction, literary fiction and the climate crisis, environmental satire, and the commodification of nature.

Episode 159: Deep dive on the destruction of the blue commons, with economist Guy Standing

Eye opening discussion on the destruction of the blue commons… the destruction of fragile ocean ecosystems, marine pollution, habitat destruction, and the destruction of coastal communities, driven by overfishing, corporate exploitation, lax regulatory en

Episode 158: interview with McKinsey partner Peter Spiller on how to deal with Scope 3 emissions

McKinsey partner Peter Spiller shares his perspective on key questions around how to tackle Scope 3 emissions, why Scope 3 emissions matter, and he highlights some of the key challenges companies face decarbonizing their supply chains.