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Episode 181: Environmental degradation, capitalism, and imperialism with Jason W Moore

In this fascinating, hard hitting interview, Jason Moore talks about the intertwining relations between environmental degradation, capitalism, imperialism, and...

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Episode 180 Net Zero: Beyond the hype. Professor Angel Hsu on the reality of Net Zero Pledges

Fascinating discussion with Professor Angel Hsu on the significance and challenges surrounding the Net Zero emissions goals. While companies...

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Episode 179: Jeremy Lent talks about finding our place in the universe by integrating science and traditional wisdom

In this wide-ranging interview, first published in 2021, Jeremy Lent discusses his fascinating new book Web of Meaning which...

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Episode 178: Discussion with Paula DiPerna of the pros and cons a market based approach to our environmental problems.

In this in-depth, and spirited interview, we discuss the pros and cons of a market based approach to  our...

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Episode 177 Author Ned Beauman talks about his satirical extinction novel, Venemous Lumpsucker.First aired in September 2022.

In this interview, British novelist, journalist and screenwriter Ned Beauman discusses his latest novel Venomous Lumpsucker-a brilliant, darkly satirical...

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Episode 176: Interview with Mike Davis, CEO of pioneering campaigning NGO, on their work unmasking global corruption, safeguarding the environment, and advocating for human rights

Episode 175: Dr. Samantha Montano: Understanding Emergency Management in the Climate Change Era

In this episode, Dr Samantha Montana, an expert in disaster policy, discusses the U.S.’s approach to emergency management, specifically...

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Episode 174: Interview with Professor Daniel Aldrich on resilience and the importance of social capital in post-disaster recovery, first aired October 2021